Fan kit for RipEX Radio modem & Router

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1. Fan kit for RipEX Radio modem & Router

External Fan kit for additional cooling in extreme temperatures. The external fan kit is not required for the temperature range according to the RipEX’s specification. Installing the fan kit helps establish better air flow inside the cabinet.

Fan kit mounting

Fig. 1.1: Fan kit mounting

Note – hazardous locations
Fan kit is not intended for use in hazardous locations.
RipEX with Fan kit

Fig. 1.2: RipEX with Fan kit

1.1. Fan kit instalation

The fan kit installs using three screws driven into the openings on the bottom side of the RipEX. Use two pieces M4×6 mm screws and one screw M4×5 mm. Use of improper screws may result in damage to the RipEX mainboard!

Fan kit mounting

Fig. 1.3: Fan kit mounting

RipEX with Fan kit and DIN rail clips

Fig. 1.4: RipEX with Fan kit and DIN rail clips

The fan kit may be controlled using the Alarm Output of the RipEX power connector, which is triggered when the temperature inside RipEX exceeds a set temperature (recommended) or it can run permanently (it should be connected in parallel to the RipEX’s power supply). Configuration of the Alarm Output is described in chapter Advanced Configuration, Device.

Fan kit using Alarm Output, recommended

Fig. 1.5: Fan kit using Alarm Output,

Fan kit, always on

Fig. 1.6: Fan kit, always on


1.2. Ordering code (Part No’s)

RipEX_FAN_KIT – Fan kit, for external cooling

1.3. Warranty

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