RipEX Hot Standby



  • Two booted-up standard RipEX units inside
  • Two independent power supplies
  • Automatic switch-over (< 2 s)
  • 4x HW alarm output
  • Internal fans
  • Back-up battery pack
  • 19″ rack 3U
RipEX-HS is designed to be used at critical sites, where high HW reliability is required – typically master or repeater stations.
RipEX-HS is hot standby, 1+1 redundant, fully monitored, hot swappable equipment.
RipEX-HS is assembled with 2 standard RipEX units, each powered by its independent power supply. A controller takes care of automatic changeover in case of failure. Changeover conditions are widely configurable. Since both units are hot-stand-by and use identical MAC addresses, exceptional switch-over time of less than 2s is achieved.
LED panels, Mode buttons, HW alarm outputs, SNMP traps and standard RipEX units inside makes RipEX-HS configuration and control quite easy and maintenance can be done by anyone familiar with RipEX.

There are 2 standard RipEX units with identical configurations inside of RipEX-HS. Both units are booted, however only one is active. The interfaces (COM1, COM2, Ethernet, Radio) of second unit are disconnected.

When the active unit HW alarm output changes to “On” (when a controlled value exceeds the respective threshold), the controller automatically switches all interfaces (COM1, COM2, ETH, ANT – if applicable) to the second unit and it takes over all functions. Since both units are using the same MAC addresses (MAC cloning), there is a minimal drop-out while switching, less than 2s.

Possible controlled values are:
RSS, DQ, TXLost[%] – lost packets on Radio channel, Ucc – power voltage, Temp – inside temperature, PWR – RF power, VSWR – reflected RF power, ETH[Rx/Tx], COM1[Rx/Tx], COM2[Rx/Tx] – No of received/transmitted packets on respective interfaces
SNMP trap with each switch-over can be sent (depending on configuration) to central SNMP management.

Block diagram

  • Auto – primary active is RipEX „A“, when it fails, controller automatically switches-over to RipEX „B“
  • Auto toggle – the same as Auto mode, in adition after set time controller automatically switches-over to RipEX „B“, even if “A” doesn’t have any alarm and uses “B” for set period in order to confirm, that RipEX „B“ is fully ready-to-operate
  • A – only RipEX “A” is active and controller will never switch to RipEX „B“
  • B – only RipEX “B” is active and controller will never switch to RipEX „A“
  • Every single unit tested in a climatic chamber as well as in real traffic
  • Heavy-duty industrial components
  • Industrial rugged case
  • -10 to +60 °C (14 to 140 °F)
  • Internal fans (automatically start-up when temperature exceeds 50 °C)
  • 3 years warranty
  • Front panel:
    – 4 buttons for Operating mode settings
    – Ethernet
    – USB for non-intrusive management
    Individually for each unit:
    – Standard RipEX LED panels
    – Next LED’s (Active, Power supply, Battery, Alarm)
  • All the other connectors are on the rear
  • A faulty RipEX unit can be replaced anytime without traffic disruption
  • All SW settings are available via standard RipEX web
  • Both RipEX units can be accessed and managed remotely
  • 2 power supplies, independently for “A” and “B” units
  • Independent power connectors, switches and fuses on rear panel
  • 3 different HW models:
    • 100-240 V AC 50-60 Hz
    • 36–60 VDC, positive grounding possible
    • 11 – 30 VDC
  • Possibility to use different input power phases in order to increase reliability of AC power model
  • “RipEX-HSB – Battery pack” available for AC power model
  • Separate batteries for RipEX “A” and “B”
  • Batteries are charged-up from RipEX-HS
  • Individual 19″ rack 3U box
  • Space for 4x 12 V / 7,2 Ah, FASTON.250 (6,3 mm), e.g. Panasonic LC-R127R2P
  • Approx. 10 hours of RipEX-HS operation
  • 4 HW alarm outputs available on the screw terminal connector on the rear panel
  • Standard RipEX HW alarms of units “A” and “B”
  • Switch HW alarm informs of active unit failure and controller switch-over to the back-up unit
  • Power alarm informs of controller board power drop-out
  • Different HW models
  • By default single antenna connector connected to the active unit
  • Available model with separate “A” and “B” antenna connectors whenredundant antennas are used
  • When RipEXes with separated Rx and Tx antenna connectors are used, the RipEX-HS provides Rx and Tx antenna connectors always connected to the active unit
  • Model offerings
  • RipEX-HS is supposed to be delivered from factory with RipEX units (on separate order) assembled
Radio parameters
The same as RipEX units used
Hot Standby
Switch-over time < 2 s
Primary power HW models:
100 – 240 V AC 50 – 60 Hz
36 – 60 VDC, positive grounding possible
11 – 30 VDC
Individual power supply for each RipEX unit
RipEX-HSB Battery pack for AC power model
Output 2 x 24 V / 7,2 Ah
Ethernet 3× switched 10/100 Base-T Auto MDI/MDIX, RJ45
COM 1 RS232, DB9F, 300–115 200 bps
COM 2 RS232/RS485 SW configurable, DB9F, 300–115 200 bps
USB 2× USB 1.1 for each RipEX unit, Host A
Antenna 50 Ohms, N-female(s)
HW models (according to Antenna)
1× N-female – Rx/Tx, switched
2× N-female – Rx/Tx, separate for each RipEX unit
2× N-female – separate Rx and Tx, switched
4× N-female – separate Rx and Tx, separate for each RipEX unit
2× N-female – Migration, Rx/Tx output, Legacy base input
All antenna connectors are internally equipped with coaxial surge protection
IP Code (Ingress Protection) IP20
MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) > 500.000 hours (> 50 years)
Operating temperature –10 to +60 °C (14 to 140 °F); (* –40 to +70 °C optionally)
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Storage −40 to +85 °C (−40 to +185 °F) / 5 to 95 % non-condensing
Dimensions 19″ rack 3U, 482 W × 401 D × 133 H mm (18,98 × 15.79 × 5,24 in)
Weight 7.1 kg (15.7 lbs), RipEX unit exl.
9.1 kg (20.1 lbs), RipEX unit incl.
Diagnostic and Management
Standard for individual RipEX units used
LED panels for each RipEX unit:
standard RipEX LED panel (7× tri-color LEDs: Power, ETH, COM1, COM2, Rx, Rx, Status)
+ 4× two-color LEDs: Active, Power supply, Battery, Alarm
HW Alarm outputs RipEX A, RipEX B, Switch, Power

  • Central sites
  • Repeaters
  • Important remote sites
RipEX Hot Standby
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