• Extensive IP network
  • Combination of radio modems and microwave links
  • Solution for areas with limited infrastructure
  • Connection of schools to Internet

Full IP protocol support and its ability to work in the most demanding of climates means theMORSE system can also be used for connecting to the Internet.

JAVELIN – this authentic project developed by RACOM´s partner in Ghana, Arrow Network Systemmakes use of the permanent and reliable, albeit slower, connection to the Internet via the MORSE network and radio modems.

JAVELIN is used primarily for connecting secondary schools in Ghana to the Internet. The heart of the JAVELIN project is a server on which images of www pages are locally stored, an email server and a scanned textbook. The www pages are regularly updated and emails can be received and sent continuously. Generally a school’s whole LAN network with tens of computers is connected to the server.

The uniqueness of JAVELIN helped it to win the 2006 Education Award Laureate, awarded by theTech Museum Awards foundation in California, USA.

  • Connection of secondary schools in Ghana to the Internet
  • Developed with the support of the World Bank
  • General idea: use of a slower but more reliable and permanent connection to the Internet via RACOM radio modems
  • The system comprises three basic parts:
    • e-mail server
    • database of local copies of selected web pages
    • permanent connection to the Internet

Since the microwave backbone has got enough capacity, our partner Arrow Network Systemprovides also next clients with data transfer services in places with lack of infrastructure.

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