RACOM in Iran


If the traffic congestion on Tehran’s roads is a measure of the confidence in Iran’s economy, they are surely looking forward to a positive future; our Area Sales Manager has been complaining about the amount of time he spent stuck in traffic during a recent trip there.

Syed spent almost a week in the country, meeting with existing clients and introducing RACOM’s high end wireless solutions to prospective clients during individual face to face meetings and at a seminar / workshop where he had been invited to present RACOM’s smart industrial wireless solutions to an informed audience from a range of market sectors, from Industrial Automation, Scada, Control, Security, Telco’s and other related industry segments in Iran.

The audience was keen to find out everything about a range of successful applications we already have in the region and especially how the harsh climatic conditions has no effect on the success of these projects or our products. A particular highlight of the day was the live demonstration of our flagship product, RipEX radio modem and M!DGE cellular routers (with Moxa controllers); this generated interesting, lengthy and constructive dialogue amongst all those in attendance.

The whole day seminar/technical workshop was held in a renowned hotel in Tehran and had been organized by EasyCom Pars, our local partner. Such was the interest that a good number of the delegates had flown in from other Iranian cities especially for the event.

The recent past has inevitably had an impact on development in Iran, but everyone our Area Sales Manager spoke to was upbeat about the future and looking to ensure budgets are in place to implement projects to keep pace with the needs of the country.

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