RipEX2 Hot Standby

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1. RipEX2 Hot Standby

1.1. Introduction

RipEX2-HS is designed to be used on critical sites, where high stress on HW reliability is required – typically master or repeater stations. It is hot standby, 1+1 redundant, fully monitored, hot swappable equipment.

RipEX2-HS is assembled with 2 standard RipEX2 units, each powered by its independent power supply. Controller takes care of the automatic changeover in case of failure. Changeover conditions are widely configurable. Since both units are hot standby and use identical MAC addresses addresses on ETH interface, an, an exceptional switch-over time of less than 2 s is reached.

LED panel, Mode switch, HW alarm outputs, SNMP traps and standard RipEX2 units inside make RipEX2-HS configuration and control quite easy and maintenance can be done by anyone familiar with RipEX2.