Nooran, Iran



  • RAy, 24 GHz
  • WISP’s in Iran
  • Demanding environment
  • Connecting POP sites
  • Full outdoor
  • Restricted output power
  • Easy set up and management

RAy-24 has been modified and a special RAy-24R version is now produced for Iran in order that RAy can meet Iranian regulatory restrictions on the output power to -15 dBm for the unlicensed 24 GHz band. RAy-24R has been successfully approved by the Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) for import and use in Iran.

The RAy-24R is already proving very popular among ISP’s in Iran, including HiWeb, one of the largest and strategic partner to Vodafone in the region. They are delighted with the levels of service the RAy-24R now allows them to offer to their customers.  Over one hundred units have been installed within a couple of months of the first shipment arriving with Nooran, RAy-24R distributor in the country. Most ISP’s who have adopted the RAy-24R as their microwave unit of choice have been making installations for interconnection between near sites (POP sites) on towers which need to make loop connectivity or triangular connections.

Some of the installed links are providing new connections whilst many others are providing a legal replacement for Airfiber 24.

With each unit individually climate control tested from -30 to +55oC, RACOM goes to great lengths to ensure it offers quality products to the market. All RACOM products excel in their technical parameters and professional design, providing exceptional reliability and quality. Despite installation in the demanding Iranian environment RAy has proved itself in practise and all units are working without any drop outs since time of installation.

Able to operate over narrow channels, RAy-24R has exceptional system gain and resistance to disturbances; enabled by RACOM’s unique input filter design. We are delighted with the ongoing interest we receive from current and prospective customers.

RACOM is proud to see that RAy-24R is beginning to be a standard part of many ISP networks in Iran and RAy-24R volumes shipped to this newly opened country are rapidly growing.

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