RACOM and People

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  • People makes company, not machines
  • Individual approach
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Long-time cooperation

The most important elements in a company are not machines but people. RACOM has come a long way from being a little company with less than 15 people. Experience has taught us to value our employees.

We believe that everyone can offer something to achieve common success. 

When making an offer of employment, we are flexible and try to build an individual position for each person. Advertised posts are essentially a general description of skills and knowledge that we seek. As we respect the principles of work life balance, our effort is to set individual conditions of cooperation that are acceptable on both sides. 

Our projects often last over a long-time period. Sometimes they can take years. That is why we prefer colleagues for long-time cooperation. The low rate of staff turnover experienced at RACOM, is very important for us. To achieve quality professional work, it is necessary to build an environment where we can trust and rely on each other. 

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