Jiří Hruška and Martin Lácha founded RACOM in 1989 and were involved in its management for the next 35 years. However time passes by and therefore the process of handing over the management of the company to a new generation was initiated sometime around 2020.
In March 2024 this process was formally completed and as of April 1, 2024 RACOM is jointly managed by David Marek, Vít Koutenský, Marek Bobula and Bohumil Sobotka. In terms of hierarchy they are all at the same level – the management of RACOM is without the position of CEO.

David Marek

Sales Director

David graduated in economic geography from the Charles University in Prague in 2011 and subsequently engaged in research work on innovation environment and global production networks. He gained valuable experience during several courses at foreign universities (Bergen, Manchester, Aalborg, Cork, Tampere).

At the Technological Centre Prague he participated in analytical studies in the field of innovation and research policy, including foresight or technology assessment. Later he started as the chief analyst at JIC, an innovation agency, and then moved towards orchestrating the Innovation Strategy of Brno and the South Moravian Region.

He has worked in the RACOM sales team since 2020, first taking over the responsibility for encouraging foreign sales activities and tying them together to other processes in the company. Gradually, he became Head of Sales and from 2024 he was formally appointed the Sales Director in charge of bringing the RACOM products on the market, including marketing and customer relations.

David constantly investigates hows and whys, is a learner and analytical. He is a proud husband and father of two, enthusiast athlete and always on the move.

Vít Koutenský

Executive Director

After graduating from the University of Economics in Prague with a degree in System Analysis and Economics, he joined RACOM in 2005. He spent several years as a member of the sales team, but soon began to focus more on HR and human resources.

In 2008, he became the company’s HR Director, while also participating in a number of RACOM’s development projects. His main areas of interest include corporate culture, the meaningfulness of management and communication processes, team functioning and human resources care. His goal is to help develop soft skills of teamwork in the company’s technical environment, support others in effective communication, finding and achieving meaningful goals.

He is actively involved in the scout movement throughout his life, both at the scout leader on local level and as a member of the national leadership of Junák, the largest youth organization in the Czech Republic. He is an enthusiastic fan of new technologies, interested in modern history and social sciences. He enjoys time with his 3 kids, but also listening to good music across genres and nordic walking.

Marek Bobula

Technical Director

Commencing his journey in software-defined radio at Brno University of Technology in 2004, he earned a Ph.D. in radio electronics in 2010. At RACOM, since 2006 he oversees important research and development projects from their concepts to series production. He focuses on defining the product architecture and designing efficient physical layer algorithms for optimal radio spectrum utilization.

He has 20+ years of experience working in Matlab, VHDL programming, and radio circuit design, helping younger colleagues and guiding students to their success. On behalf of RACOM he cooperates with important Czech universities and with his colleagues contributes to the most prominent technical journals. In 2017 he became a co-owner of RACOM.

He finds fulfillment in translating ideas into real-world and impactful solutions, shaping global communication networks. In his personal life he is a devoted husband and father of three sons, a soccer coach, a volunteer firefighter and an avid beekeeper. He likes discussions with friends and reading good books from technology to theology and philosophy.

Bohumil Sobotka

Production and Financial Director

After successful graduation in technical cybernetics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Brno University of Technology in 1987, he worked shortly in electrotechnical production at ZD Nové Město na Moravě and ZD Nížkov. In 1991 he merged his life with RACOM and since 1992 he has been a co-owner of RACOM.

He has worked in many positions in RACOM: he started with the product commissioning, then coordinated the production and since 1995 he has been the production director. Gradually he added the management of other departments – HR, financial, purchasing, repairs, IT and data management. Since 2002 he has been one of the company’s managing directors.

After the leaving of Jiří Hruška and Martin Lácha from the management of the company in 2024, he now ensures, among other things, the continuity between the original and new management of RACOM, to whom he passes on his experiences.

Electronics has been one of his hobbies since his youth. He enjoys listening to good music in high sound quality. If he can, he rides his bike to work and doesn’t come only in the coldest weather.

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