Wireless networks

RACOM provides a wide range of services and support for all its products. As part of pre-sales consultations, we will help you objectively select the most suitable equipment and solution for your application, while exclusive use of our products does not have to be mandatory.
In the next step we will design and plan wireless network.
Once the equipment is installed, we offer various levels of after-sales support from HelpDesk to proactive supervision. If you are interested, you can order customized training from us.
You can also use our services when you modernize your existing radio network, whether it was built on radios from RACOM or other manufacturers.


During the free pre-sales consultations, we will discuss your application needs and its data transfer requirements in detail. We can estimate and calculate requirements for data speed, total network capacity, response times, etc. The output is the design of a data transfer equipment that meet the requirements of your application for its reliable functionality.


If you are interested, we can verify the theoretical calculations on the spot, using the same device as will be used in the real network. We process the measurement results into a detailed project plan, which serves as a basis for the request for frequency allocation from the relevant authority. The project also includes other information necessary for the actual installation of the equipment, such as connection to the power grid, requirements for mast mounting, grounding, etc., including a detailed breakdown of the material needed for installation. This service is offered mainly in the Czech Republic.



In the Czech Republic, we are able to professionally install all the equipment the project requires, including the supply of all accessories such as power supplies, antennas, switchboards, surge protection, cabling, etc. We then set up the network, activate it, test it and hand it over for use.

Abroad, we can offer professional supervision by our technician, who will train local staff.


Supervision is a higher form of HelpDesk, where RACOM has access via a VPN tunnel to the operator’s network, or to the surveillance software that is hosted on the network operator’s device. Thanks to this, the RACOM technician can perform better diagnostics and recommend adjustments in the network, and implement these after the operator’s consent. Supervision is always tied to a specific network and is provided in 24/7 mode with a guaranteed response time from the request being reported.
We offer supervision in two variants:


  • 6 technician-hours’ work free of charge
  • Response time within 16 hours from reporting the request


  • 10 technician-hours’ work free of charge
  • Response time within 4 hours from reporting the request
  • Preventive network monitoring including monthly reports
  • Periodic download of configurations and FW upgrade on request

Active supervision, the highest level of network aftercare services we offer, ensures that your network operates reliably 24/7 without downtime thanks to the proactive involvement of our technicians.

Supervision Online Active
Free technician-hours / month 6 hours 10 hours
Availability 0 – 24 hrs, 365 days 0 – 24 hrs, 365 days
Response time from reporting 16 hours 4 hours
Remote Access over VPN
Active monitoring x
Upgrade FW x
Downloading configurations x
VPN activation fee x
Monitoring activation fee x Network flat rate
+ fee / node
Monthly fee Network flat rate
+ fee / node
Network flat rate
+ fee / node
Technician-hour rates beyond free hours fee per 0.5 h fee per 0.5 h
Billing Following month Following month

On-site Service

As part of this service, the network operator can order a RACOM technician for service intervention at the site of a breakdown. This service is provided on a per-order basis and is independent of the HelpDesk or Supervision services. RACOM always tries to meet the customer’s needs and adapt the technician’s site visit to their needs.



All information to go with our products is publicly available. Overview sheets, data sheets, info sheets, manuals, application notes, case studies, tutorial videos, etc. are available at www.racom.eu. We also organize webinars, and you’ll find recordings of them there.
If you are interested, we will train your technicians to your required level. We provide training by agreement online or at RACOM, or even at your place.

Questions? Our Sales & Support team is ready!

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