Licensed VHF / UHF
SCADA control and monitoring


4G / 3G / 2G
SCADA monitoring


10 / 11 / 17 / 18 / 24 GHz
Backbones, High speed last-mile

Our mission

RACOM is focused on specific industrial market segments, where high-tech products for wireless communication are required. We develop and manufacture state-of-the-art wireless communication products for such markets. Our best-in-class products set trends in their respective market segments. The majority of development and…


…manufacturing is done “in-house” in RACOM, in order to keep the high-level of know-how and full control of product quality.
Internally we strive to create both pleasant and motivating working conditions for all our employees, concentrating on a long-term, balanced relationship.

The level of support we provide to all our customers is exceptional, in terms of both pre-sales and the after-sales support.

Primary production

RACOM is a primary producer, i.e. we do our own research & development of both Hardware and Software for all our product lines: Radio modem, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS router and Microwave link. Whenever the need arises, one can always find the responsible person for the respective part of a product at RACOM. RACOM philosophy is to do…


…maximum in house, as is also demonstrated by our own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly with state-of-the-art machinery and by our very well equipped mechanical manufacturing facility.

We put the maximum possible emphasis and focus on quality. All elements of a product undergo several levels of inspection and testing and every assembled unit passes a full-scale functionality test in a climatic chamber before undergoing detailed Output Quality Checking.


Thousands of units of all RACOM product lines are spread all over the world, from the Poles to the Equator in dozens of countries. Our customers are to be found anywhere from governments, e.g. Ministry of the Interior of Czech Republic (Police), through big global companies like RWE, Telenor, ABB, Siemens etc. to local corporates and utility…


…distributors. Radio modems and GPRS/3G/4G routers are typically used in SCADA and Telemetry applications for water, waste water, power, oil and gas mining and distribution. They are also used for data transfer in networks for fleet management like public transport, railways, taxi etc. as well as in transaction wireless networks for lottery, payment terminals etc.

RACOM microwave links are typically used as a backbone for radio data networks using RACOM radio modem, however a industry-grade high-speed point-to-point link working as a wireless bridge can be used e.g. by ISP providers or corporations for their backhauls as well as for high-speed last mile.