PCB Assembly

RACOM has the latest technologies for PCB assembly. We offer spare capacities in our production for use by other companies, giving them the unique opportunity to use top-class equipment to assemble their boards.



  • Assembly – 6 machines
  • Soldering – reflow and wave
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • Storage in smart cabinets


  • Own SMT and THT assembly since 1997
  • All production in the Czech Republic
  • PCB design consultation
  • Option for sourcing components


  • 100% traceability
  • 3D Automated optical inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • Temperature cycling of assembled boards


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • Own products with MTBF >100 years

Our production plant in Blansko is equipped with the latest technologies, which we regularly update. We have more than 30 years of experience in assembling the most demanding boards and implement the latest trends and procedures on an ongoing basis. We will be happy to advise you on how to design your boards so that the subsequent assembly and soldering goes without problems.

Take advantage of the opportunity to have your boards assembled in the same quality as RACOM products. Our devices have MTBFs exceeding 100 years and are installed in 120+ countries, from the poles to the equator.



Our staff have many years of experience that they will be happy to share with you. We offer the option of consultations at the design stage of your boards, so that the subsequent assembly and soldering is trouble-free.

  • Years of experience
  • We have been designing boards since 1989
  • Since 1997 we have been running our own SMT centre

If you are interested, we are able to provide a comprehensive service, not only to assemble your boards, but also to ensure the supply of components and PCBs from our suppliers for your products.

We use thousands of types of passive and active components for our products. We have many years of experience in purchasing them and ensuring smooth deliveries. We purchase parts directly from manufacturers or authorized distributors. We have been cooperating with our suppliers at length, and spend tens of millions with them every year, which gets reflected in our prices and delivery conditions.


  • Environments with relative humidity below 1%
  • Temperature settings up to 60 °C can be set for fast drying
  • Proper storage of components increases product reliability


  • PCB Laser Marking
  • Solder resist marking
  • Panel dimensions up to 500 × 500 mm
  • Smallest spot size ≥ 0.127 mm
  • The marking is verified by a integrated scanner and saved


Before assembling SMD components, a precisely defined amount of solder paste is applied to the soldering points for reflow soldering. If the SMD components are soldered on a wave, glue is applied to the SMD component centre, to keep it in position during subsequent soldering.  All devices are stencil-printer, fully automated and with integrated control of the correct application of paste or glue.


  • Max. board size 550 × 500 mm
  • Printing precision ± 25 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Print repeatability ± 12.5 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • 100% 2D optical print inspection via linear scanner

EKRA SERIO 4000 Compact

  • Max. board size 510 × 510 mm
  • Printing precision ± 12.5 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Print repeatability ± 20 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • 100% 2D optical print inspection via camera

MPM Accuflex

  • Max. board size 584 × 508 mm
  • Printing precision ± 25 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • Print repeatability ± 25 μm @ 6 Sigma
  • 100% 2D optical print inspection via camera

We have a total of six Mycronic (Mydata) pick-and-place machines available. For maximum capacity in placement speed and especially in the number of feeders, we always use two machines connected in one line. All pick-and-place machines have optical guidance and centring. Before assembly, a mechanical check is carried out ‘on-the-fly’ and for passive components, diodes and transistors, the basic electrical parameters are tested. This minimizes the possibility of confusion or use of defective material.

SMD 0201 components are fitted as standard, we are also able to fit 01005 size. Our equipment allows us to mount all types of SOIC, PLCC, TSOP, QFP, BGA packaging with pitch from 0.25 mm.

  • First line
    • MY300SX – 24,000 CPH., 192 feeders (8 mm), max. board size 460 × 510 mm
    • MY300SX – 24,000 CPH, 192 feeders (8 mm), max. board size 460 × 510 mm
  • Second line
    • MY100SX – 24,000 CPH, 192 feeders (8 mm), max. board size 460 × 510 mm
    • MY100LX – 16,000 CPH, 192 feeders (8 mm), max. board size 460 × 510 mm

There are two more, older generation pick-and-place machines MY15 and TP11, which we use for simpler boards or prototypes.

Reflow of solder paste and glue curing is carried out in a continuous hot-air system.


  • Ten soldering zones
  • Individual temperature settings for each zone
  • Lead and lead-free pastes
  • All kinds of glues

For mounting of components with wire leads and non-standard SMD components, we are equipped with manual workplaces, equipped for forming and manipulation. The workplaces include control points equipped with equipment for carrying out in-process controls, including optical inspection. Manual refilling is usually done after reflow soldering.


  • Wave width 400 mm
  • Infrared preheating in five zones
  • Nitrogen fumigation on-wave


  • Wave width 340 mm
  • Infrared preheating in two zones



  • Four multi-frequency digital projectors
  • 18 μm resolution
  • Max. board size 500 × 510 mm
  • PCB clearance: top: 40 mm, bottom: 60mm


  • Three separate chambers, simultaneous use
  • First chamber – washing
  • Second chamber – rinsing
  • Third chamber – final rinsing + drying
  • In the process 6 frames with PCB simultaneously

Finally, all PCBs undergo manual optical inspection using microscopes and touchscreen computers and repair software.

As needed, we have 3D X-ray available.


  • Magnification up to 6000 times
  • Observation in 5 axes
  • Checking voids in solder joints
  • Soldering control of all types of packaging (BGA, QFN, …)
  • Bonding control
  • Checking the interconnection of the inner layers for multilayer PCBs

We have a dedicated workplace for incidental repairs or replacement of PCB parts.

PDR X410

  • Optical component alignment on PCB ± 10 μm
  • Infrared dual-zone selective heating of the disassembly component
  • Non-contact IR sensor for component temperature sensing
  • Computer-adjustable solder profiles

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