PCB assembly

The company’s products are best known for their performance and high reliability. The attainment of such high performance parameters is fully dependent on the components and technology we use in our production. To maintain this level of quality, RACOM has invested in a complete line for mounting PCBs with double-sided surface and hybrid assembly in accordance with the RoHS directive.

Facilities at our SMT PCB mounting branch in Blansko are also available to external customers.

  • Solder paste and glue printing using high quality laser-etched stencils on screen printing machine MPM ACCUFLEX with fully automatic operation and the final 2D optical inspection of the print results.
  • Automated assembling of the SMT components on three high precision MYDATA mounting machines. During the assembly, all passive components, diodes and transistors are on-the-fly electrically tested for their basic parameters, which completely eliminates the possibility of mismatch error or use of defective material. Feeder capacity up to 200 positions allows for assembling boards of the highest complexity. The overall line performance is up to 40 000 components per hour.
  • Solder paste reflow using Hot Air Reflow oven (Heller production) and Vapour Phase Reflow (ASSCON equipment) guarantees the highest quality and reliability of the soldering process. Condensation method of heat transfer improves the uniform warming of PCB, the physical limitation of the maximum process temperature reduces the thermal load of components and PCBs during the process, covering components and PCBs with the condensating vapour minimizes oxidation of the resulting solder joint.
  • For soldering of thru-hole components with lead or lead-free solder two SEHO wave solder machines are available, equipped with a spraying fluxer and double-wave system for reliable soldering of a wide range of components.
  • PCB repair, any modification or replacement of soldered parts is done by high-tech PDR equipment with advanced vision system for accurate component alignment and precision non-contact temperature control with adjustable temperature profiles.
  • Cleaning of assemblies in professional KrainTek equipment using ultrasonic or spraying method.

RoHS Declaration