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RACOM is one of the leading global players in SCADA & Telemetry data transfer.
RACOM is a significant development trend-setter in this field.
RACOM is a private company still owned by its Czech founders.
RACOM has enjoyed steady growth and profitability throughout its entire existence.
Every year, for a quarter of a century.


RACOM is involved in the development and production of equipment for wireless data transfer. Our three main product lines are Radio modems, GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers and Microwave links. RACOM is a modern company with its own technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly, a subsidiary company, RACOM SLOVAKIA, and an extensive network of international partners, who ensure that we continue to export the majority of our products.


RACOM’s foundations were laid in 1989, shortly before the fall of Communism in the former Czechoslovakia. Initially, we were making equipment for radio amateurs in a small workshop. It wasn’t long before we were successfully exporting our products.
The local radio amateur market soon became too small for us.
We made a conscious decision to enter the wireless data transmission market.
In 1990 we began by manufacturing radio modems.
In 2005 we entered the GSM data transfer market.
In 2009 we entered the microwave links market.
But we know we have our many customers to thank for our success.


RACOM operates with no debts with cash-flow also managed internally. This excellent record not only proves the merits of RACOM ‘s technology and continued market success, but lasting customer satisfaction; and the right level of management skill to take RACOM forward in this progressive technology market.


RACOM products clearly do work.
The supplier has to be as reliable as the products.
The acid test is your supplier’s success record.
RACOM facts speak for themselves.
Let’s build success, together.


Historic milestones

1989 R2CW – CW/SSB transceiver for the 145 MHz band

1991 RD160, first radio modem – 1.2 kbps, 160 MHz

1994 RD300FS – 9.6 kbps, 300 MHz

more than 1000 modems manufactured and installed

1996 MORSE system

MR25 – 21.68 kbps

entry to foreign markets, establishment of RACOM SLOVAKIA

1997 first mobile MORSE network

1999 MODANET – public nationwide packet data network

2000 MR25ET, version of MR25 with Ethernet interface for IP environment

2001 RANEC – software for management of MORSE system network

2005 MR400 – new generation of narrowband radio modems


MG100 – GPRS modem

2006 MX160 – 132 kbps / 200 kHz

2007 RE400 – new transparent ECONOMY modem

2009 MG102 – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS modem

RAy – microwave point-to-point bridge

2011 RipEX – Radio modem & Router

2012 M!DGE – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS router
RAy – 11 GHz

2013 RAy – 17, 24 GHz

Company Profile

Smooth Connections – article in Inside Industry Magazine 05/2014, page 148