• Established well-known brand
  • From the equator to the polar circle
  • 100+ countries
  • Rich portfolio of customers

RACOM products are applied all over the world. Geographical location is not something that would limit us. Our products are used in more than 50% of the world’s countries from the poles to the equator.

Our primary field of activity is in telecommunication areas and industry automation. You can find our devices working in mobile networks, water, energy or gas supply companies. Even the police and other emergency services rely on our products. You can also find our products cooperating on traffic control in many places all over the world. 

We are open to unusual applications – Our radio modems were used on the broadcast of Tour de France, Airbus Aircraft used them in their prototype of an electro plane. We also provide data transfer for meteorological networks, even in extreme conditions.

You can find more information about our applications here

  • Ideal place to live
  • Family friendly region
  • Caring about our people and region

RACOMs headquarters is situated in Nové Město na Moravě, in the heart of Českomoravská vysočina. Although we do not have a subway and the shopping centers are not the biggest, Vysočina is a magical region. 

For people who are looking for an active life besides an interesting job, this is an ideal place to live. Beautiful nature, tourist and cycle routes, even skiing trails in winter. Local rocks in Žďárské vrchy are famous and favourite among climbers. For those who seek quiet places, there are many of them.

Nové Město offers everything that family life needs – education, entertaining activities, both for children and adults, and (if needed) a hospital.

Yet, if you desire to visit a bigger city, Nové Město is about an hour away from Brno or 2 hours away from Prague. 

RACOM actively helps its employees. We can offer start-up accommodation or support in case of hard life situations. Also, we support local region projects, after all we feel responsible for the environment, where we live and work.

Where possible, we can arrange a home office, so living in Vysočina region is not necessary.

Besides Nové Město, we are also placed in Blansko or Slovakia, which are not far behind with their beauty of nature.

  • Programming on the lowest layers
  • HW and SW cooperation
  • Backend and frontend
  • Limited resource optimization
  • Security first

The days when hardware and software were completely different entities are long gone. HW and SW are continually becoming more complex. Analogic tuning of coils has shifted to programming FPGA.

The basics of our work is programming at very low layers, which then gives us an option to make the most out of our devices. Used standards are something we can rely on, but sometimes they are simply not enough and we have to search for another way.

Radio transmissions are characterized by the amount of restrictions which are standing in our way. Limited wireless bandwidth challenges us to fight for every single bit transmitted over the air. We program industrial protocols and solve their rationalization, disassemble and reconstruct headers of TCP protocols to maximize data throughput. 

Security has become a hot topic over recent years. Since our devices are often applied in critical network infrastructure, their safety and functionality must be secured in every possible scenario. Cyberattacks on such networks are almost regular events nowadays and it takes a lot of effort to stay a step ahead of them. 

Although it is quite a challenge to meet all conditions, RACOM has always been able to manage it. 

  • Originality ensured
  • Pushing the limits
  • Difficulty is a challenge, not a problem
  • Fighting over every single bit

Instead of reusing outdated technologies, we introduce new ways to the market and create our own solutions. Quite often we embark in new, unexplored areas, where we have to find our own way.

In RACOM we are always trying to achieve the maximum that technology allows us to. Reaching a few more decibels or getting a little bit more sensitivity is what makes our hardware unique.

Our hardware is designed for an environment, which is full of obstacles. Most cases are either on the edge of physical or legislative limits. Laws of nature cannot be broken, so we have to adapt our technology to be as effective as possible, even when outside conditions are not perfect. Legislative limits (e.g. radio channel limitation) can directly affect the function of our devices. However this is just another challenge we are willing to complete, just like many others before. 

Hardware design is not an easy task, but trying our best, despite all limits, is something we enjoy doing.

  • Investing into new services
  • Maximum quality requirements
  • Installing, machining (or Tooling?), creating

Although our products are applied in many various industry branches, they have something in common – maximum emphasis on quality and reliability.

This is one of the main reasons we rely on our own production process, where we can count on the skills and knowledge of our people. 

Wherever possible, we try to manufacture everything on our own and be independent.

Currently there are more than 50 people working in our production branch. 

RACOM operates and further develops 2 of its own production centers, which are among the best of their kind – A PCB center in Blansko and CNC production center in Nové Město na Moravě.  

Ongoing investment into the most advanced technology is taken very seriously by RACOM.

  • Respecting user needs
  • Practical manipulation ensured
  • From mechanics to user interface

When it comes to our products, our priority is to function at  the TOP of the technological market. But we do not forget that people are their users.

To achieve such an ambitious request, we spend a lot of time and energy on their evolution.

RACOM’s products are not only designed to be advanced technically. Our devices are installed in very exposed places like deserts and polar regions. Therefore, it is very important to have them as ergonomically advanced as possible. Our intention is to enable the simplest installation, so it can be done even in extreme conditions such as at extreme heights, in strong wind or low temperatures etc. Of course, these principles do not end with mechanical installation. The same rules apply for interface configuration or diagnostics. The UI and UX of our products are very important as well. 

In designing our devices we have closely cooperating teams of specialists, so the final product is not only good looking, but also advanced in every way possible.

  • People makes company, not machines
  • Individual approach
  • Trust and responsibility
  • Long-time cooperation

The most important elements in a company are not machines but people. RACOM has come a long way from being a little company with less than 15 people. Experience has taught us to value our employees.

We believe that everyone can offer something to achieve common success. 

When making an offer of employment, we are flexible and try to build an individual position for each person. Advertised posts are essentially a general description of skills and knowledge that we seek. As we respect the principles of work life balance, our effort is to set individual conditions of cooperation that are acceptable on both sides. 

Our projects often last over a long-time period. Sometimes they can take years. That is why we prefer colleagues for long-time cooperation. The low rate of staff turnover experienced at RACOM, is very important for us. To achieve quality professional work, it is necessary to build an environment where we can trust and rely on each other. 

  • Purposeful products
  • Stability and independence
  • Thinking in long-time concept

RACOM is a constantly growing company, currently with over 130 employees. Gone are those days when we had less than 10 people. Although constantly growing, we are doing our best to maintain clear and effective communication to deliver best quality as a result.

We simply want to create things that make sense. To do so, we design, develop and create our products almost entirely on our own. We want our products to be of value and helpful for our customers. Personal relationships between us and customers are not unusual.

Our team has a very simple organization structure. We focus on the specific job and responsibility of individual people. We are a Czech company, with responsible owners and exist entirely on our own capital. 

Our R&D, based on long-time concepts, is crucial in setting a vision for the whole company.

Thanks to the responsible approach of the owners and management, we have a stable and structured background we can rely on.

We build on trust and responsibility. 

  • Own high-end products
  • Reflecting markets needs
  • Feedback and evaluation
  • Creating industry trends

We design and manufacture our products with one goal – to be the best in our industry. Sounds ambitious? Well we believe that to achieve great success, you have to push yourself to the limit.

Knowledge of market needs is crucial for us when it comes to designing our products. That is why we have specialists in our team, who are constantly trying to determine market needs and to identify trends that are important to follow. 

We are constantly trying to look forward, so we might know where the future will lead us.

When required, we do not follow trends but create them. When listening to customers’ requests, we are open-minded and that is why we can usually offer an improvement to customers’ ideas, which is very appreciated by them.

Instead of being inspired we are the ones who inspire. 

Detailed product portfolio and descriptions are available here.

Don’t let the distance from your current abode to RACOM headquarters in Nové Město na Moravě deter you from applying. Some of our colleagues even live abroad!

Please feel free to contact us even though you don’t find the right position for you listed above. We would be delighted if you send us some information about yourself and your ideas about what you could bring to RACOM.

Contact us at jobs@racom.eu or use the prepared form.

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