RACOM Newsletter 11/2023



November 2023

We would like to share our latest news with you.

Webinar ‘Latest Radio and Cellular Routers in SCADA‘

This year we have launched new models of the RipEX2e Radio modem and the M!DGE3 Cellular router which have quickly established themselves on the market. In addition to these models in the webinar we will present hybrid networks where both technologies are combined, give examples from practice and talk about the latest trends in wireless communications for SCADA systems. Register here.

RipEX Radio Modems on Glacier

The use of RipEX radio modems is very diverse. In Chile for example they are installed on a glacier at an altitude of 2,165 m in a tectonically active area where data from seismological and meteorological measurements are transferred. Remote area accessible only by helicopter with no infrastructure thus the modems are powered by solar panels.

RAy in Las Vegas

RAy microwave links are well established in the US market where RACOM has three distributors: ISP supplies, Streakwave Wireless and Alliance Corporation. All distributors had a booth at Wispapalooza, the largest exhibition for the ISP market in the USA. In the presence of our representative they introduced our new this year product – RAy3 for 80 GHz.

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