RACOM Newsletter 06/2024



June 2024

We would like to share our latest news with you.

RACOM in Central America

RipEX radio modems are also popular in Central America, where we have installations in Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. Local power distributors have struggled with non-functioning radio networks in the difficult terrain of the Caribbean coast. Today several hundred of our RipEX radio modems are deployed to full satisfaction, most of them with cellular expansion cards. Read more about one of the references here.

New videos

Protocol on the Radio channel is the main parameter that determines the throughput of the overall network. Therefore, our RipEX radio modem has three different protocols for different types of applications. We have added new tutorial videos on our YouTube channel on how to set up our unique protocols Base drivenFlexible and Transparent. All of them are of course subtitled in English, Czech, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

RACOM is not just a job

We don’t live only by work, so we go on trips together from time to time. Last week our cycling group enjoyed a traditional bike trip. Sometimes we play floorball or football, do pilates regularly or just go out to enjoy some time together.

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