DC/DC converter


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1. DC/DC converter

1.1. Brief description

  • The DCC 24 is a switched step-down converter, which converts DC voltage in the range 20 V to 60 V on the input side to 13.8 V / 2.5 A DC on the output side.

  • The converter has high efficiency, typically better than 80 %.

  • It is resistant to polarity reversal of the input voltage, undervoltage at the input, shorting at the output and connecting voltage to the output terminals. If the input voltage descents under 16.5 V (at Iout = 2,5 A) then the converter switched off to prevent the unstable conditions.

  • Assembly on to DIN rail TS35.

  • Minimum ground plan dimension: 35 × 75 mm.

  • Maximum demand charge: 35 W.

1.2. Application

  • The DCC24 converter is suitable for DC voltage supply to electrical devices when it is necessary to convert DC voltages in the 20 V to 60 V range to 13.8 V DC and with a maximum output current of 2.5 A.

  • It is typically used for supplying MORSE system devices (MR25 and MR400 radio modems) media where the backed up distribution is 24 V DC (or 48 V DC).

  • Due to its high efficiency and small dimensions the DCC24 converter finds use in supplying electronic equipment located in mobile devices with a 24 V DC on-board network.

  • The design and construction of this device allows for long-term loading and for this reason it is primarily determined for continuously running applications.

  • DC/DC converter is designated for Assembly on to DIN rail TS35, ground plan dimension is 35 × 75 mm.

1.3. External circuitry

Connections of input and output wires to terminals of the converter are shown in the following diagram:

Terminals are of ENTRELEC type and enable connection of conductors with maximum cross section of 2,5 mm2.

1.4. Technical parameters of the DCC 24

Rated input voltage (DC)24 V
Rated input current1.5 A
Recommended range of input voltages (DC)19 V – 60 V
Maximum range of input voltages (DC)16,88 V – 60 V
Output voltage13.8 V
Max. output voltage deviationmax. ±3 % at 19–60 V, max. ±6,5 % at 16,8–19 V
Maximum output current2.5 A
MTBF (mean time between failures)> 100 000 hours
Operating range of temperature-25 to +55 °C
Relative humidity10–90 %
Dimensions: length × width × height35 × 75 × 100 mm

For converters manufactured before February 2008, is the input voltage in the range of 20–60 V.

1.5. Product Consistency

Railway Safety Appliance Standards Regulations

Electronic appliances in railway vehiclesCSN EN 50155 ed. 2nd: 2002. art. CSN EN 50121 art. 7: tab. 3 and 4
EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)CSN EN 50121-3-2 art. 8
Vibrations and beatsCSN EN 61373

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