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Appendix A. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.12005-03-11 

1. xml version derived from MR400

Revision 1.22007-03-20 

New design of the modem, the exchange of all photos

Revision 1.32008-09-23 

M-Bus module description supplemented

Revision 1.42009-5-5 

T-port module description supplemented

Revision 1.52009-5-5 

Modification MG100i, module EDGE/UMTS, indicator LED, power consumption

Revision 1.62012-3-20 

T-port module description removed

Revision 1.72014-1-22 

M-BUS module description removed

Revision 1.820014-03-27 

Added section Section 7.5, “Country of Origin”

Revision 1.92014-07-17 

removed GPS module, completed MORSE code

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