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9. Troubleshooting

9.1. Common errors

With cellular connection (even if signal is good enough) following Errors are common:

SIM missing

Check the SIM card status in the INTERFACES → SIMs menu, turn off the unit, insert/re-insert the SIM card and power up the unit again

PIN code required

Insert the correct PIN code in the INTERFACES → SIMs → Configuration menu

Connection not established or failed

See the SYSTEM → Troubleshooting → System Debugging output for any errors/warnings

9.2. Messages

The Web Manager displays messages in the status bar in the footer of a web page.

There are three levels:


The action was performed successfully.


Warning – please consider the information.


Error – command was not performed, typically with recommended action which is required before the possible successful action.

9.3. Troubleshooting tools

9.3.1. Pinger

Connection from the M!DGE router can be checked using the built-in pinger available in the SYSTEM → Troubleshooting → Network Debugging menu.

The traceroute command is available in the same menu for tracing the packets from the M!DGE router to the Host.

9.3.2. Log Files

Information about boot-up process and about running processes can be found in the Linux-like Log files, see the SYSTEM→ Troubleshooting → System Debugging menu.

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