Intelligent Power Supply MS2000


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Intelligent Power Supply MS2000

MS2000 is a mains switching power supply (single-acting blocking converter) SELV with back-up. It is used for supplying devices in the industrial environment. The supply is designed for industrial use and installation into switchboards. There are control LEDs and terminal blocks for connection of the mains voltage, battery, terminal for signalizing and terminals for the temperature sensor on the front panel.

The design and construction of this device allows for long-term loading and for this reason it is primarily determined for continuously running applications.

If necessary, the source can be produced in a version MS2000/12-P with output voltage 13.8 V DC / 5 A for MORSE components supply and MS2000/24-P with output voltage 24 V / 3.5 A for 24 V supplying. The buil-in ventilator is switched on/off according to the power supply temperature. The version without ventilator provides reduced output current at higher surrounding temperature, see the table and diagram.

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