Address planning


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Address planning

Since the firmware 1.6, the Router mode consists two different protocols. The original one is now called “Flexible protocol”; the new protocol is called “Base driven protocol”.

In the Flexible Router mode standard IP routing is used between individual RipEX radio modems and their interfaces. The only non-standard feature is that even if you assign all RipEX’s radio interface IP addresses to a single network, the RipEX’s may not “hear” each other over the radio channel; therefore, routing tables should include even routes within the same network (over repeaters).

In the Base driven Router mode (BDP), all traffic over the Radio channel is managed by the Base station. All frames inside the radio network have to be routed through the Base station. Appropriate routing has to be set. Any Remote can work as a Repeater for another Remote. Only one Repeater is possible between Base station and Remote, however a number of Remotes can use the same Repeater.

BDP is optimized for TCP/IP, especially for IEC104 – stable response times with minimum jitter.

This Application Note draws attention to certain situations in which routing tables can be simplified significantly.

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