Bridge mode and COM stream


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3. Bridge mode and COM stream

The COM port in Bridge mode can be switched into the Stream mode. In any other mode, a packet/frame coming to RipEX over any interface has to be received completely before any further processing. In Stream mode the incoming bytes are transmitted to radio channel with minimum possible delay, byte by byte. Consequently nor checks neither processing of the data can be done. All the bytes are simply broadcast to the radio channel and every radio modem which can receive them forwards them immediately to its COM port(s).

Obviously there can not be any repeaters in the Stream mode and no measures against possible collisions can be taken. The responsibility for collision-free communication remains solely with the application. Consequently only simple master-slave polling-type applications, which never respond to broadcasts, can use the Stream mode. This mode should be used solely in applications which would not work when the normal store-and-forward regime is used because of the inevitable delays involved.

The Stream mode is configured in the Settings / Device / Operating Mode menu:

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