Master – Modbus TCP, slaves – Modbus RTU

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4. Master – Modbus TCP, slaves – Modbus RTU

Note – Only works in Router mode.

Master establishes a local TCP connection to RipEX using Modbus TCP protocol, as described in chap. 3. A packet is securely sent over the Radio network to RipEX to which the destination Slave is connected by COM port. The RipEX translates the packet to Modbus RTU format and sends it to the connected Slave using Modbus RTU protocol.

Modbus TCP - RTU

Fig. 4.1: Modbus TCP – RTU

To set up RipEX connected to Modbus TCP Master:

  • Select the type of translation from Modbus to RipEX IP address (mask or table), as described in Section 1.1, “Modbus RTU with multiple Masters”.

  • Set the UDP interface to COM1 or COM2 depending on the port that the remote RipEX uses to connect to the Slave device.

To set up RipEX connected to Modbus RTU Slave:

  • As described in chapter 1 set the appropriate COM to Modbus and the Mode of Connected to Slave.