Use of Modbus in RipEX


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Use of Modbus in RipEX

RipEX supports Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP as well as their combinations:

Tab. 1:

Remotes’ protocolRadio network behaviourAvailable with Operating mode
1RTURTUModbus RTU over Radio channelBridge, Router
1.1Multiple Masters RTURTUModbus RTU over Radio channelRouter
2TCPTCPTCP/IP protocol over Radio channelBridge, Router
3TCPTCPTCP/IP protocol locally between Modbus device and RipEX. TCP/IP overhead is not transferred over Radio channelRouter
4TCPRTUConversion of Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU on the remote unitsRouter
5TCPCombination of TCP and RTUUsing 3 and 4Router
6Multiple TCP and multiple RTU mastersCombination of TCP and RTUTCP master communicates with TCP or RTU slaves, RTU Master only communicates with RTU slaves, utilising 1.1 and 5Router

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