Solar power supply


The MORSE system is often installed at locations where neither mains nor any other form of electrical energy is available. For such cases RACOM has developed and manufacturers the MSU120 power supply which allows MORSE system components to be supplied from solar energy.

The design of the MSU120 is taken from the proven MS2000 and therefore has a similarly high level of intelligence for regulating consumption from the power supply and controlling the charging of batteries. The charging characteristic ensures the maximum charging speed and protection against over-charging, as well as protection against total discharge (by disconnecting from the load).

The design has been electrically and mechanically (metal case) adapted so that the power supplies can be used in demanding industrial applications.

Typical areas of use

  • In areas where coverage is not provided by the standard infrastructure
  • For supplying MORSE system components: all types of radio modems, GPRS modem and other accessories
  • For using together with a 12V lead back-up battery with a capacity of 20-150 Ah and with a 50-120 W / 12 V solar panel


  • Battery charged with the optimum current – the voltage at the output of the power supply is regulated according to the momentary battery voltage
  • Regulation of charging – limits output voltage to max. 14.7 V
  • Automatic disconnection of the battery for a voltage lower than 10.5 V (prevents the battery from totally discharging)
  • Maximum current and output voltage from the solar panel up to 7 A, or 25 V

Operating manual

Technical parameters

Regulation of the charger output voltage 10.5 V to 14.7 V according to battery
Voltage of back-up battery 12 V nominal
Capacity of back-up battery 20-150 Ah
Output power of solar panel 50-120 W
Voltage of solar panel 25 V max.
Maximum current from solar panel 7 A max.
Temperature compensation range of end charging voltage -10 °C to +60 °C

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