The SEP technological and measuring unit is a device designed for monitoring and setting digital and analog inputs and outputs. 32-bit impulse counters are also available. SEP was developed as an accessory to the MORSE communication for points in technological networks where local autonomous control is not necessary.

SEP works as a slave which is controlled by MORSE equipment (radio modem, GPRS modem, controller…). Read and set states are transferred to the assigned address via the MORSE network.

Typical areas of use

  • Supplementing control technology connected to the MORSE network
  • Remote “mirroring” of inputs to outputs and vice versa between various points of the network (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint)
  • Remote reading/setting up of digital/analog inputs and outputs using standard visualisation programs via the MODBUS protocol


  • Galvanically isolated inputs and outputs
  • Resolution of A/D and D/A conversion 12 bits
  • Voltage and current inputs and outputs
  • Communication using MODBUS protocol
  • LED indication of the status of digital inputs and outputs
  • Separate 32bit impulse counter on each digital input
  • Robust all-metal case
  • Mounted on a DIN rail

Standard types

Digital Analog
Type inputs outputs inputs outputs
SEP8400 8 4 0 0
SEP8800 8 8 0 0
SEP8822 8 8 2 2
SEP8842 8 8 4 2
SEP8880 8 8 8 0
SEP8882 8 8 8 2

Technical parameters

Interface RS232
Communication speed 19 200 bps
Digital inputs max. 8 inputs
  comparison levels L-H 2.9 V; H-L 1.9 V
  maximum voltage 24 V
Digital outputs 8 outputs
   design relay switching contact
   load capacity 250 V AC / 2 A
Analog inputs max. 8 inputs
   design receiver of current loop 0-20 mA
   resolution 12 bits
   overload capacity max. 10 × set sensitivity
Analog outputs max. 2 outputs
   resolution 12 bits
   design transmitter of current loop 0-20 mA
MTBF (mean time between failures) > 100 000 hours
Power supply 10.6-30 V
Consumption up to 500 mA according to accessories
Operating temperatures range -25 to +55 °C
Storage temperature range -35 to +85 °C
Dimensions 160 × 90 × 60 mm
Weight 0.85 kg

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