AIT, Iraq



  • M!DGE
  • ATM banking system
  • Remote installations
  • Desert environment, +50 oC
  • Over 100 sites and growing
  • Security and reliability

With headquarters in Baghdad, Arab Information Technology is a provider of end-to-end electronic payment products and services. It is the first Iraqi company to have had a third party processing switch located in Iraq and the only Iraqi company to hold PCI DSS Certification. This confirms the professionalism Arab Information Technology is recognised for and the strong reputation it has in its market.

Amongst other services, AIT provides hardware and software solutions for ATM machines with full back-up support. Because there is limited access to some installations, the hardware chosen for these ATMs must be extremely reliable as there is little or no possibility of online servicing.  Due to extreme climatic conditions the hardware must also operate seamlessly across a very wide temperature range.

In one current and ongoing project, Arab Information Technology is providing ATM’s to leading banks in Iraq. RACOM’s M!DGE 3G cellular router provides the optimal solution in this environment. Chosen for its reliability, M!DGE also offers key security features including AES data encryption, IPSec and VPN tunnelling to protect the sensitive data that must be transmitted.

Over 100 units are so far operational but this is just a small percentage of the total project number.

Such has been the success of M!DGE within this project it is already being considered for use in a similar application in UAE.

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