Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 657 kB2019/07/01
Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 652 kB2019/08/12
Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 609 kB2019/09/20
Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 618 kB2019/12/02
List of changes M!DGE2 in FW 4.3.40 midge2-fw-rn-en.pdf226 kB2019/12/03
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 088 kB2019/05/14
Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 603 kB2018/12/11
Firmware M!DGE2 midge2-fw- 616 kB2019/05/27
List of changes M!DGE in FW 4.2.40 midge-fw-rn-en.pdf189 kB2019/05/20
List of changes M!DGE2 in FW 4.2.40 midge2-fw-rn-en.pdf230 kB2019/08/02
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 269 kB2019/02/19
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 351 kB2019/05/09
List of changes M!DGE in FW 4.1.40 midge-fw-rn-en.pdf284 kB2019/05/20
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 472 kB2017/02/28
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 497 kB2017/05/05
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 511 kB2017/08/06
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 299 kB2017/11/23
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 305 kB2018/03/02
List of changes in FW 4.0.40 midge-fw-rn-en.pdf401 kB2018/11/14
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 961 kB2015/06/23
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 982 kB2015/08/10
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 996 kB2015/11/04
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 092 kB2017/02/13
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 093 kB2017/05/05
Firmware M!DGE midge-fw- 123 kB2018/03/02
Firmware M!DGE midge_fw_3.8.40.104.img15 004 kB2016/02/01
Firmware M!DGE midge_fw_3.8.40.105.img15 014 kB2016/03/04
Firmware M!DGE midge_fw_3.8.40.107.img15 061 kB2016/08/22
Firmware M!DGE midge_fw_3.8.40.108.img15 068 kB2016/11/14
List of changes in FW 3.8.40 midge-fw-rn-en.pdf301 kB2018/03/02
M!DGE – GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE router – Operating manual midge-m-en.pdf4 059 kB2015/12/07
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 607 kB2014/05/16
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 614 kB2014/08/07
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 683 kB2014/12/02
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 687 kB2015/01/31
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 690 kB2015/05/07
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 789 kB2018/03/02
List of changes in FW 3.7.40 List of changes in FW 3.7.40.pdf252 kB2018/03/02
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 830 kB2013/11/21
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 834 kB2014/01/08
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 861 kB2014/04/16
List of changes in FW 3.6.41 List of changes in FW 3.6.41.pdf79 kB2014/05/28
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 052 kB2012/11/06
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 102 kB2012/11/29
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 132 kB2013/01/29
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 148 kB2013/03/06
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 152 kB2013/04/22
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 158 kB2013/08/26
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 152 kB2013/11/08
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 199 kB2014/02/13
List of changes in FW 3.6 List of changes in FW 3.6.pdf283 kB2014/03/18
M!DGE – GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE router – Operating manual midge-m-en.pdf2 885 kB2012/12/12
Datasheet M!DGE MIDGE_datasheet-en.pdf621 kB2013/04/24
Datasheet M!DGE MIDGE_datasheet.pdf631 kB2013/04/23
Firmware M!DGE M!DGE-FW- 890 kB2012/07/06
List of changes in M!DGE firmware 3.5 List of changes in M!DGE firmware 3.5.pdf21 kB2012/12/07
M!DGE – GPRS/UMTS/HSPA/LTE router – Operating manual midge-m-en.pdf2 501 kB2012/10/12
M!DGE, MG102 – GPRS/EDGE/UMTS routers – Operating manual midge_mg102-m-en.pdf2 880 kB2011/11/16