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24. Help

Under this item of menu are offered some possibilities, e.g. how to control a remote CU or how to work with path packets.

From MORSE main menu type ? Enter

Shell commands:
!hXXXX - remote mode, destination XXXX(hex)
!dXXXX - remote mode, destination XXXX(dec)
!l     - local mode
!RSS (or ! itself) - Received Signal Strength service
!p - path
!pN - path C92
!pXXXXX - change last 1..4 bytes in current path to XXXXX
!pNXX   - dtto for path C92

— the control is switched over to the remote CU with hexadecimal address XXXX (it is sufficient to type the right-most digits which differ from the previous address)


— the control is switched over to the remote CU with decimal address XXXX


— reverts the control back to the local CU

!RSS or !

— after putting in the !hXXXX command you can by this command obtain the route listing with Received Signal Strength printout


— activates the path defined in (p)ath menu, it is possible to examine this path by ! command


— activates the path in C92 mode


— changes last bytes in the last address in the current path (it is only used for the path, which has the table part at the end)


— changes last bytes similar in the C92 mode


— starts macro file.mac in the running Setr

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