Deliveries to Ukraine


Ukraine’s energy companies are doing their best to keep their distribution networks up and running and to provide electricity supplies even as the unprecedented war continues after Russia attacked Ukraine.

We are glad that RACOM can contribute with its products to keep the power distribution networks working and the Ukrainian industry and population have access to electricity as much as possible without interruptions.

RipEX radio modems and M!DGE cellular routers are used in dozens of countries to provide communication for distribution networks control systems. They are used to control reclosers, transfer data from industrial control computers in the field, etc. You can learn more about examples from Mexico, Jordan, Morocco, Vietnam, New Zealand, Brazil and other countries in the references on our website.

We have been supplying our radio modems to Ukraine since 2005, mainly to power distribution companies. We have a long-term cooperation with the Ukrainian company ALCOMA LLC, which managed to get a contract for another control system for power distribution company even in war conditions. This time the SCADA system will be deployed in the central part of Ukraine and will include four networks with total of 66 pcs of RipEX radio modems.

We believe that the installation of the equipment will go smoothly and our partner, with the help of our technical support, will put the equipment into operation as soon as possible despite the difficult situation in Ukraine.

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