Webinar Recording RipEX2e


The Webinar «Latest Radio and Cellular Routers in SCADA» we delivered on December 5, 2023 was really successful. We finally had almost 300 registrants from 50 countries.

If you were not able to join the live webcast or want to return to it, the full recording is available here.

You can learn there about the latest models of our radio modems and cellular routers RipEX2e and M!DGE3 and how they complement the other members of their product lines.

You will also learn what the current trends in SCADA communication are and what the focus is on. The webinar also covers hybrid networks that combine communication over a private radio channel and a cellular network.

In case you are interested in the questions that were raised during the webinar and the answers to them, you can find them here.

We thank all participants for their participation and questions and look forward to seeing you at our next webinars.

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