Oil Leak Detection, Indonesia



  • M!DGE
  • Leak detection System
  • Open VPN
  • Customized Software
  • Modbus TCP protocol
  • Marine environment

PT Starcom Solusindo has been a telecommunication operator in Indonesia since 2000, continually developing its capabilities and expertise, designing solutions for technology and network problems. It has a large customer base including National industries for whom it provides licensed and unlicensed networks.

One such network Starcom recently provided is the Pemasangan Leak Detector System on the submarine pipelines for SPM at PERTAMINA (Persero) for three of their refineries.  SPM (Single Point Mooring) is a floating buoy/jetty anchored offshore to allow handling of liquid cargo such as petroleum products for tanker ships.

These subsea pipelines carry crude oil to the refineries so it is important to ensure there are no leakages at any place in the pipeline.

It was decided that Cellular routers would be ideal to communicate data if they had an industrial hardened design and heavy duty industrial components, robust security features and firmware that could be adapted using programmable scripts.

After fully exploring products currently on the market it became clear the RACOM M!DGE cellular router was best suited to meet all end user requirements.

Each pipeline has two M!DGE units, one positioned offshore and the other onshore. For all data transmissions an open VPN is used with an encrypted tunnel between two M!DGE units.

One crucial solution that M!DGE delivered was the ability to operate with customized software, generated using RACOM’s Software Development Kit (SDK), a simple and fast way to implement customer-specific functions and applications.

In this application SDK script listens on a given TCP port and accepts connections.  It reads the current WWAN1 and WWAN2 states and MOBILE1 signal. It replies to requests with the required information in ModbusTCP format, a pre requisite from the customer. Provided values (WWAN, SIM) are sent back on particular registers/bytes, also as per customer’s requirements.

The implementation of the network was seamless thanks to local expertise provided by Starcom working with the end user and remote back up provided by the RACOM Technical Support team in Czech Republic.

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