Design and ergonomics

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  • Respecting user needs
  • Practical manipulation ensured
  • From mechanics to user interface

When it comes to our products, our priority is to function at  the TOP of the technological market. But we do not forget that people are their users.

To achieve such an ambitious request, we spend a lot of time and energy on their evolution.

RACOM’s products are not only designed to be advanced technically. Our devices are installed in very exposed places like deserts and polar regions. Therefore, it is very important to have them as ergonomically advanced as possible. Our intention is to enable the simplest installation, so it can be done even in extreme conditions such as at extreme heights, in strong wind or low temperatures etc. Of course, these principles do not end with mechanical installation. The same rules apply for interface configuration or diagnostics. The UI and UX of our products are very important as well. 

In designing our devices we have closely cooperating teams of specialists, so the final product is not only good looking, but also advanced in every way possible.

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