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  • Originality ensured
  • Pushing the limits
  • Difficulty is a challenge, not a problem
  • Fighting over every single bit

Instead of reusing outdated technologies, we introduce new ways to the market and create our own solutions. Quite often we embark in new, unexplored areas, where we have to find our own way.

In RACOM we are always trying to achieve the maximum that technology allows us to. Reaching a few more decibels or getting a little bit more sensitivity is what makes our hardware unique.

Our hardware is designed for an environment, which is full of obstacles. Most cases are either on the edge of physical or legislative limits. Laws of nature cannot be broken, so we have to adapt our technology to be as effective as possible, even when outside conditions are not perfect. Legislative limits (e.g. radio channel limitation) can directly affect the function of our devices. However this is just another challenge we are willing to complete, just like many others before. 

Hardware design is not an easy task, but trying our best, despite all limits, is something we enjoy doing.

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