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  • Programming on the lowest layers
  • HW and SW cooperation
  • Backend and frontend
  • Limited resource optimization
  • Security first

The days when hardware and software were completely different entities are long gone. HW and SW are continually becoming more complex. Analogic tuning of coils has shifted to programming FPGA.

The basics of our work is programming at very low layers, which then gives us an option to make the most out of our devices. Used standards are something we can rely on, but sometimes they are simply not enough and we have to search for another way.

Radio transmissions are characterized by the amount of restrictions which are standing in our way. Limited wireless bandwidth challenges us to fight for every single bit transmitted over the air. We program industrial protocols and solve their rationalization, disassemble and reconstruct headers of TCP protocols to maximize data throughput. 

Security has become a hot topic over recent years. Since our devices are often applied in critical network infrastructure, their safety and functionality must be secured in every possible scenario. Cyberattacks on such networks are almost regular events nowadays and it takes a lot of effort to stay a step ahead of them. 

Although it is quite a challenge to meet all conditions, RACOM has always been able to manage it. 

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