• RipEX 400 MHz
  • Water distribution
  • Migration from legacy network
  • Robustness, Reliability, Flexibility
  • SIEMENS S7-1200 RTU’s
  • Direct remote-to-remote communication
  • More than 50 sites

Andalucia in the South of Spain is renowned for its rugged countryside and dry climate. Within the region lies Alcala la Real. Its population of about 22,000 inhabitants are fully aware of the essential need to preserve freshwater resources.

For over 20 years ADALSA (Aguas de Alcala la Real) has managed the supply and distribution of potable water to the consumers of this province. This has not been easy due to the scarcity of water resources and the layout of the land making water supply extraordinarily complex, with 15 catchments, 29 regulation tanks and 8 pumping stations.

Committed to embracing new technologies to maximise the efficient use of water and ensure this vital resource is not squandered, ADALSA came to realise they would have to migrate from their legacy UHF radio modem network to improve robustness and reliability as well as higher flexibility of their SCADA network. The network consists of a control centre, a set of remote control stations and a communications system for the data transmission between them. The remote stations have PLC control automata SIEMENS S7-1200.

After assessing the capabilities of a number of products on the market RipEX digital radio equipment was chosen as the best solution, based on its dependability, high reliability and high data throughput. RipEX also enables direct communication between related remote stations eg. the pump station and deposit level of water, without the intervention of the base station.

Although migration of the network is not yet complete, discussions about expansion of the network are already well under way. ADALSA is delighted that its commitment to new technologies is already reaping the rewards of more efficient and effective use of this invaluable resource under its control, generating long term benefits for the citizens of Alcala La Real.

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