MEDC, Oman



  • M!DGE
  • Power distribution
  • Desert environment, +50 °C
  • IPsec
  • IEC 104
  • More than 150 sites and growing
  • Press release

A M!DGE 3G Router system from RACOM is installed as a part of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) Distribution SCADA System to monitor and control HV/MV Electric power distribution sub-stations spread across vast areas within Muscat, capital city of Oman on the Arabian peninsula.

M!DGE 3G cellular routers connect Remote Terminal Units (RTU) installed on more than 150 power sub-stations, to exchange data with MEDC Distribution Control Centre (DCC) over long distances. A 3G network serves as backup for Fiber Optic communications between the main computer system at DCC and remote terminal units (RTU) located at MEDC’s Primary Substations 33/11kV, over IEC 60870-5-104 protocol.

M!DGE excels not only in a unique set of features (dual Eth ports, IOs, IPsec VPN tunneling etc.), but also in its ability to maintain high link integrity with end-to-end IP functionality, even in the harsh environmental conditions and difficult / hilly terrain of Oman.

Muscat Electricity Distribution Company SAOC is a closed joint stock Omani company established as a result of the new market structure proposed for electricity and related water sector. MEDC commenced operations on 1 May 2005 and is licensed by Authority for Electricity Regulation (AER) for the distribution and supply of electricity in the Muscat Governorate (covering an authorized area of 3,900 sq.kms) of Sultanate of Oman.

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