Police, Czech Republic



  • Currently RipEX, 400 MHz
  • Different Radio modems
  • Since 1995
  • Special usage
  • Fixed and mobile networks
  • Multi-master polling & report-by-exception
  • Over 4000 units till 2017

The unique properties of RACOM radio modems are continuing to give RACOM the opportunity to supply the Czech Police. We began our long-standing cooperation back in 1995; a cooperation that is still proving to be mutually beneficial.

Special-purpose radio modems were developed for the Czech Police that comply with the most stringent standards on communication security and reliability; over 4000 pcs of different models of customized RACOM radio modems have been supplied up to 2017.

In 2017 the Czech Police took the decision to upgrade their entire network and went out to tenderAfter lengthy consideration, taking all options and possible global suppliers into account, it was decided to upgrade the entire network with customised RACOM RipEX radio modems. In order to meet the full tender specifications, special functionality has been incorporated into each radio.

Resulting from this latest tender, 3000 pcs of radio modems will be delivered before end 2020 with a possible expansion for an additional 2000 pcs.

RACOM is proud of its long standing association with the Czech Police and in providing some of the support required to allow the Czech Police to provide such a valuable service to the nation they serve.

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