Company identity

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  • Purposeful products
  • Stability and independence
  • Thinking in long-time concept

RACOM is a constantly growing company, currently with over 130 employees. Gone are those days when we had less than 10 people. Although constantly growing, we are doing our best to maintain clear and effective communication to deliver best quality as a result.

We simply want to create things that make sense. To do so, we design, develop and create our products almost entirely on our own. We want our products to be of value and helpful for our customers. Personal relationships between us and customers are not unusual.

Our team has a very simple organization structure. We focus on the specific job and responsibility of individual people. We are a Czech company, with responsible owners and exist entirely on our own capital. 

Our R&D, based on long-time concepts, is crucial in setting a vision for the whole company.

Thanks to the responsible approach of the owners and management, we have a stable and structured background we can rely on.

We build on trust and responsibility. 

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