Vysočina region

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  • Ideal place to live
  • Family friendly region
  • Caring about our people and region

RACOMs headquarters is situated in Nové Město na Moravě, in the heart of Českomoravská vysočina. Although we do not have a subway and the shopping centers are not the biggest, Vysočina is a magical region. 

For people who are looking for an active life besides an interesting job, this is an ideal place to live. Beautiful nature, tourist and cycle routes, even skiing trails in winter. Local rocks in Žďárské vrchy are famous and favourite among climbers. For those who seek quiet places, there are many of them.

Nové Město offers everything that family life needs – education, entertaining activities, both for children and adults, and (if needed) a hospital.

Yet, if you desire to visit a bigger city, Nové Město is about an hour away from Brno or 2 hours away from Prague. 

RACOM actively helps its employees. We can offer start-up accommodation or support in case of hard life situations. Also, we support local region projects, after all we feel responsible for the environment, where we live and work.

Where possible, we can arrange a home office, so living in Vysočina region is not necessary.

Besides Nové Město, we are also placed in Blansko or Slovakia, which are not far behind with their beauty of nature.

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