2023 Evaluation


As annually in January, the management met with the sales team to review the previous year and to inform themselves about the expectations for the year ahead. As usual representatives from product management and R&D also attend the meeting to inform the sales team about upcoming news for 2024 and to get feedback from the market.

Sales managers from Europe came to the meeting at the company’s HQ in Nove Mesto n.M., while others were connected online. Our sales managers are spread around the world in different time zones with a shift from -5 to +7 hours compared to our HQ in the Czech Republic. The time for meeting together is therefore significantly limited and for this reason the meeting was held over two days.

The market situation for components and materials started to stabilize in 2023, so we did not have any problems with delivery dates and we were able to deliver our products to our customers according to their requirements. All of the new launched products, the RipEX2e radio modem, the M!DGE3 mobile router and microwave link RAy3 for 80 GHz, established themselves well in the market and quickly found their customers.

We evaluate the year 2023 as a successful one, we managed to increase our sales and profit compared to 2022. We sold more radio modems and cellular routers, with a significant increase in sales of the new generations of RipEX2 and M!DGE3 at the expense of older types. In microwave links sales were slightly lower, mainly due to the postponement of large tenders to 2024 and the later launch of the RAy3-80.

The sales forecast for 2024 presented by our sales team is optimistic and we should achieve approximately 10% higher volumes in all product lines. All estimates are rather conservative, so we believe that similar to last year we will be able to exceed the forecast and continue to grow.

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