IEC104 problems solved

Migration solution

Within the latest RipEX firmware release, RACOM include our brand new Base Driven Protocol, optimised for TCP/IP. Developed for the Radio channel, this ground breaking software finally solves the problems created by the many modern RTU’s that use TCP/IP protocols such as IEC104. These have, until now, created major issues within narrowband radio data networks, all caused by limited throughput.

RipEX Base Driven Protocol has revolutionised communication possibilities within narrowband radio data networks that use TCP/IP protocols such as IEC104. Total user data throughput is significantly higher creating much improved levels of stability and reliability. All packet transmissions are managed by the local base station, configured within a star topology but with the ability to use repeaters. Data transmissions are distributed uniformly, even when a high number of remotes are connected.

Tests confirm that the new RipEX Base Driven Protocol handles 5 – 10 times more remotes under one base station compared to the existing Flexible protocol and with much higher levels of reliability.

Operators of SCADA networks that have a need for RTU’s using TCP/IP protocols such as IEC104 will understand why our Base Driven Protocol will revolutionise the possibilities within such SCADA networks.

And with our RipEX Migration Solution, reliable data transmissions with stable response times and minimum jitter can become the norm rather than the exception. Please use the following links for more detailed information or contact us to discuss in greater detail:

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