RipEX – New improvements


RipEX, already the radio modem of choice in many SCADA networks and other applications, has once again set new standards in the market. The latest FW release offers yet more unique features to further enhance the capability of this adaptable radio modem.

These new features are available from 1.8 fw version:

Nomadic mode

Nomadic mode is an extension of the Flexible protocol, used for easy expansion of an existing network by adding a remote unit (Nomadic Remote). Routing is automatically established between Centre and Nomadic Remote. Any Nomadic Remote can be transferred to any other place within radio coverage and is automatically reconnected to Centre.

QoS – Quality of Service

This feature allows the user to prioritise the order in which packets from different applications and/or management connected via any interface (COM’s, Ethernet) are transmitted to Radio channel.

NAPT – Network Address and Port Translation

This is a technique in which private IP addresses and port numbers (assigned to devices behind RipEX) are mapped to one RipEX IP address. For example, it is ideal when all RTU’s in network have the same IP address.

In addition to the features listed above other miscellaneous improvements have been added.

Please see RipEX firmware release notes, RipEX web page and Flexible protocol Info sheet for all new features or contact us for more information.

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