RACOM Newsletter 04/2023



April 2023

We would like to share our latest news with you.

The Furthest RAy lines

RAy microwave links are installed in more than 50 countries around the world. In New Zealand, they have chosen to use our links as part of a nationwide programme to bring reliable high-speed internet to hard-to-reach places.
Read how RAy has performed in the 18 GHz licensed band in competition with other global manufacturers and how lines from the Czech Republic are growing in the South Island.

Radio modem RipEX2e - video

In the last newsletter we informed you about the launch of the new RipEX2e radio modem, the essential version of our flagship RipEX2. Now you have the opportunity to watch a video to learn how RipEX2e came to the world and how it is integrated into the RipEX radio modem platform.
The English narration of the video is subtitled in Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English.

M!DGE3 - tutorial videos

We have prepared tutorial videos for our latest cellular router M!DGE3, which we launched in January this year. You’ll learn what you’ll get when you order the M!DGE3, how to power up the M!DGE3 for the first time, and how to do the basic setup.
As is our practice, the English commentary in all videos is subtitled in Czech, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and English.

Microwave links – Now available

Due to the Easter holiday and customers’ requests we are extending the possibility of ordering RAy3-17 and RAy3-24 links at discounted prices and short delivery times until April 21, 2023. Take advantage of the fact the parts ordered for 2021 and 2022 have finally arrived and install gigabit link on unlicensed bands ‘tomorrow’.
Contact our sales manager or your supplier for details.

If you have any questions or request a quote, please contact us.

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