RACOM Partner Meeting 2022


In early September we organized another ‘RACOM Partner Meeting’, where our most important partners from all over the world meet to exchange experiences and learn about news in RACOM.

As a lot of water has passed since the last meeting in 2018, this year’s meeting was extremely popular and was finally attended by 132 participants representing 57 companies from 33 countries from all continents. If it weren’t for the problems with visa processing and ticket prices, there would have been a lot more of us in Prague.

This year’s meeting was held in the beautiful refectory of the Dominican Monastery in Prague. After hearing a short organ concert in the adjacent St. Giles Church, we took a historic tram to the second part of the program in the Strahov Monastery brewery. After dinner, we enjoyed a walk along the Royal Route through Prague at night via Hradčany and Charles Bridge to Old Town Square, where the participants were accommodated.

During the official part of the program, in addition to news in all our product lines – Radio modems, Cellular routers and Microwave links, we introduced the new members of our management team who are participating in leading the company in the direction set by its founders in 1989.

Lunch was followed by presentations of our projects given in an unusual interview format. In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants learned how RACOM contributed to a wedding in Mexico, or how our partners from Norway were surprised that we refused to sell them one of our first radio modems in 1998 without training, even though they had personally come for it.

The afternoon and evening continued in an informal atmosphere, with partners exchanging experiences with each other and taking advantage of the presence of RACOM development staff to get information directly from our kitchen. The expert discussions continued during the Friday workshops.

On the occasion of the installation of the 10,000th RipEX radio modem in the CFE network in Mexico, our partner Solstand received an jubilee piece of RipEX in the form of a cake.

Most of the participants, especially who came from far away (New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Colombia, Peru…), took advantage of our offer to attend the training and tour our production facilities, spending the whole week in the Czech Republic.

Many thanks to all our partners for their participation and we look forward to the next meeting.

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