Simoco partnership agreement


RACOM is very happy to announce its recent partnership agreement with SIMOCO wireless solutions.

Simoco has over 70 years of experience operating at the forefront of the radio and mobile communications industry, with a forward thinking approach to constantly provide innovation and new technologies for a digitally driven future. With such a track record, Simoco wireless solutions makes an ideal partner for RACOM, sharing the same visions for the future of the industry.

Simoco works across multiple sectors, helping organisations such as utilities providers, public service operators and airports to communicate and innovate.  The expansion of the company’s SCADA and telemetry portfolio will include technologies such as Ethernet radio, cellular routers, Microwave and mesh radio networks, allowing organisations to include data communications as part of their wider unified communications infrastructure.

VP Sales at RACOM, Mark Sutton said: “Simoco wireless solutions has a proven track record of delivering first-class mission critical communication technologies to a wide variety of sectors. We are looking forward to working together as Simoco looks to develop its SCADA and telemetry product ranges as part of its wider unified communications offering.”

Chief Sales Officer at Simoco wireless solutions, Andy Woodhall, said: This partnership with RACOM is a great step forward for our company. It allows us to expand our product range and ensure our customers have access to the latest SCADA and telemetry solutions. In the Internet-of-Things era there are more connected devices than ever before. Our customers have to manage increasingly large amounts of data, and reliable communication systems that enable this are therefore becoming increasingly important to their operations and overall business objectives. The technologies we are introducing alongside Racom, providing best in class and innovative radio products, are designed to meet these needs as well as anticipate those of the future.”

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