Thanks for the Memories


As time marches onward toward the end of the year, our recent trips on the road, taking us through 11 time zones have come to an end.

As always, it was good to meet up with old friends and make many new ones. A special thanks to everyone who made the time to meet with us, to discuss industry issues and how RACOM developments are providing essential solutions to the industry’s problems.

As examples of this, we were extremely encouraged by the interest shown in our latest firmware for our RipEX radio modem that includes the sophisticated Base Driven protocol optimized for TCP/IP applications like IEC104 making them reliable and stable even with a high number of RTU’s. Along with our recently documented Migration Solution, it becomes apparent that RACOM continues to produce optimal solutions that make sense!

In the Microwave market, it was good to have the opportunity to explain how our narrow bands and resistance to interference provides the optimal solution that many are looking for. The market is now beginning to realise that speed and bandwidth are not necessarily the best solution!

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