UTCAL 5-8 April, Brazil


In order to remain a trend-setting global player in SCADA communication for the utilities, RACOM understands the need to engage with the market wherever and whenever possible to discuss problems the industry faces and requirements and solutions the market needs, now and in the future.

As part of this process RACOM will be participating at the UTCAL [Utilities Telecom Council America Latina] Summit 2016 at the Majestic Hotel in Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil from 5 – 8 April, 2016 where utilities companies, regulatory authorities, system integrators, suppliers and consulting companies will be meeting to debate, amongst others, their current and future communications needs.

As a supporter of UTC events, RACOM is well aware of the excellent opportunities UTC gives us, to have a prominent voice in this debate and the opportunity to share invaluable information about current and future needs, the latest innovative thinking and alternative solutions to problems the industry faces. RACOM is proud of its reputation as a trend-setting market leader and wants to ensure we remain at the forefront of development and change in the industry.

Research conducted by UTC shows that the resources allocated to the telecommunications market and lT are expected to increase considerably in the coming years. Many telecom networks require modernization to replace ageing infrastructure and smart grids need to be implemented. RACOM is already well placed to provide future-proofed solutions to these and other problems encountered in the utilities market.

Our local LATAM sales representative and our Sales Director would be delighted to meet with you at our booth during the summit to discuss industry issues and the solutions RACOM can provide.

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