UTCAL Summit 2022

UTCAL Brasil

RACOM is a traditional sponsor of UTCAL Summit Conference and Exhibition from 2016. After two years of Covid gap, we look forward to meeting our customers and partners again this year in Rio De Janeiro, Windsor Barra Hotel, from March 29 to April 1, 2022.

UTCAL Summit 2022 supports meetings of Utility representatives with regulators, government, research centers, businesses, industry, suppliers and key national and international experts.

RACOM will have two presentations during the conference:

Reliable Communication in SCADA Networks with Next Generation IP Radio Modems

Next generation Radio modems are full-powered IP Routers with plenty of interfaces, Dynamic routing, Backup routes, QoS, Firewall, Encryption and other state-of-the-art features. VHF/UHF, Cellular, Fiber and Ethernet are integrated into just one box and can back up and complement each other. In this talk, we will discuss how these new advanced capabilities improve the reliability and security of modern Smart Grid networks for your mission-critical applications.

March 31st at 2.00 pm, Segovia IV


High Performance Radio networks

Radio networks on private VHF/UHF frequencies have long been considered to have low speed and throughput. Modern technology can achieve previously unheard-of performance over long distances. The key is not just in Gross data rate, Sensitivity or RF power, there are more efficient ways. In this talk, we will show how Radio protocol, advanced digital signal processing techniques and other state-of-the-art features can have profound effect on private radio network performance and its overall throughput.

March 31st at 4.30 pm, Oriente


Our experts will also be ready to discuss all questions regarding wireless data transfer at our booth at the exhibition area.

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