Webinar recording – Next …


The Webinar ‚Next generation Radio modems‘ we delivered on 9th June 2022 was really successful. We finally had more than 300 participants from 56 countries.

As the attendees were really from all over the world, the idea of having four sessions for different time zones and one session in Spanish in addition to English worked very well.

If you couldn’t participate in live session or if you want to return to it, the full recording is accessible on RACOM YouTube channel, both in English and Spanish.

You can learn there about the latest trends in VHF/UHF Radio modems, especially:

  • Data speed and Network throughput
  • Static and Dynamic routing on Radio channel
  • Necessity of different protocols on Radio channel
  • Other state-of-the features like Security, QoS etc.

We thank all attendees for their participation, the questions they had, and we look forward to seeing you at our next Webinars.

Webinar recording in English

Webinar recording in Spanish

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