Zebra PCB


We are proud to inform you, RACOM and Gatema have established a joint venture company, Zebra PCB.

This new company offers delivery of assembled PCB’s, where Gatema will take responsibility for PCB production and RACOM for their assembly. The customers will get the opportunity to use services of two market leaders in these disciplines as a one-stop service.

Since RACOM and Gatema are high-tech manufactures, Zebra PCB will focus mainly on delivery of high-tech prototypes and smaller series of high-density multi-layer PCB with high numbers of different components in state-of-the-art cases. There is also a possibility to deliver (some) components, so the customer may enjoy a real one-stop service: to email PCB blueprints and to receive assembled prototypes within a few days.

Using the high levels of quality and control for which RACOM and Gatema are renowned as a benchmark, Zebra PCB will also guarantee the highest quality and reliability of assembled boards.

RACOM has a global reputation as manufacturer of state-of-the-art wireless communication products since 1989. Their best-in-class products set trends in their respective market segments and are best known for their performance and high reliability. The attainment of such high-performance parameters is fully dependent on the components and technology used in production. To help maintain this level of quality, RACOM has invested in a technological centre for SMT and hybrid assembly including a complete line for mounting PCBs with double-sided surface and hybrid assembly in accordance with the RoHS directive.

Gatema is one the leading PCB manufactures in Europe since 1994. They service 800 companies in fifteen European countries with all types of PCB’s, from simple double-sided to the state-of-the-art 16 layers boards on all possible materials. Gatema invest into technology and machines every year and its production continuously grows.

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